Our History

The group GAS ENERGY LATIN AMERICA was founded in 2005 and has as a main activity provision of services of consulting in the areas of natural gas, oil and electric energy with principal focus in latin America. Initially the GAS ENERGY LATIN AMERICA group had 2 main branches where technical staff are concentrated: Gas Energy Brasil with a branch in Rio de Janeiro – now Porto Alegre- from where activities are managed for that country and GAS ENERGY LATIN AMERICA, with a main branch and technical staff in Santa Cruz, Bolivia and Lima, Peru from where the associated branches are coordinated a latin American standard and coordinate the activities with the specialists in Spain and Colombia.

From 2013, GAS ENERGY LATIN AMERICA is an independent consulting business of Gas Energy Brasil, nevertheless they keep a strategic alliance.




GAS ENERGY LATIN AMERICA has stood out as the proposal formulator of natural gas industry organization, in relation to prices, rates and competitiveness as in regulatory issues, taking to their clients’ differentiated analyses, managed by their permanent and associated consulting network, based in their solid data bank about south America.

Among their projects, the policy formulations of natural gas prices and rates stood out, like commodity and like energy, developed for companies and associations. GAS ENERGY LATIN AMERICA also has vast experience in the evaluations of the fundamentals in the oil and gas markets, and in the formulation of scenarios and business strategies, as much in the “upstream” as in the “downstream”, for all of the Latin American countries.

GAS ENERGY LATIN AMERICA’s more recent participation also stood out in projects and studies in the electrical sector in the region. Furthermore it has experience in market studies, offers, demands, rates, prices, costs, legislation and legal framework and operation and planning the dispatch of electric systems.

Because of the vast experience of their consulters, GAS ENERGY LATIN AMERICA also act in the business support of natural gas contracts, as much as for the industrial sector as the thermal, establishing differentiated analysis for their clients and elaborating technical opinions about the evolution of the industry and about the technical aspects of the sector.

GAS ENERGY LATIN AMERICA contributes very significantly with “in house” training, analysis and presentations in conferences and congress of the energy sector in all Latin America, principally in those countries with strong presence of natural gas in their energy matrix, like Argentina, Uruguay, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Mexico and Columbia.